Exploring sharing is sensible

Sometimes we hear of instances where one governmental entity is eager to find ways to save money by merging or sharing resources with neighboring communities or school districts only to find out the neighbors or workers and unions strongly oppose the idea.

Such was the case when Liberty approached neighboring Girard last year about exploring consolidation of their fire departments. Horrors! The firefighters so strongly objected, likely in a job security effort, that Girard city council never took action and as such, no study was ever conducted to determine if there was potential taxpayer savings at stake.

Now, Liberty Local Schools is kicking around an idea of sharing services or even facilities with its neighbors, in another effort to save money.

District officials have approached officials in neighboring Mathews and Brookfield school districts, and the idea has been met with approval. They have decided to move forward with a study that will explore the options and make recommendations on whether greater efficiency or cost savings could be realized with shared services. Further kudos also because the cost of the study will be funded by a grant, not by local tax dollars.

Bravo! This is an attitude all public entities should have. If there is a way for money to be saved, then why force taxpayers to foot the bill for individualized facilities or services?

Now let’s hope that staff, faculty and / or residents in these three school districts don’t object before exploration of the idea even begins.

Of course providing a good education to our children must be the primary goal of our public education systems. But why can’t that be done as efficiently as possible?