Orchids & onions

• ORCHID: To Covelli Enterprises for partnering with the Rich Center for Autism and Potential Development Program in Youngstown this month to raise money to help local families. Proceeds from Pieces of Hope cookie sales at Panera Bread cafes this week, including today, will be given to the programs. Donations also are being collected at local Panera Bread locations all month.

• ORCHID: To Newton Township trustees for bypassing the idea of designating one private trash hauler for the township. Instead, they will keep the existing policy allowing residents to choose from among five private haulers. Perhaps trustees realized government already is way too intrusive in our lives or that competition and free enterprise help make America great.

• ONION: To whomever thinks the disgusting act of urinating in bottles and leaving them on the basketball courts in McDonald’s Woodland Park is either clever or funny. It is neither and could lead to the closing of the park’s courts once again, punishing even those who use the park responsibly.

• ORCHID: To McDonald High School officials and McDonald Police Department for their quick response that helped them to find a knife and ammunition in a student’s locker without any injury, threats or further incident. They made the discovery during an investigation.

• ORCHID: To TNP and Trumbull County Landbank for growing its successful Building a Better Warren Program that, with the help of federal grants grants, supports local blight demolition while providing jobs and skills for locals. That’s a win-win situation!