Orchids and Onions

• ORCHID: To Liberty Local School District and Liberty Police for working out details to schedule an off-duty police officer on the school campus during all school days. The new $23-per-hour contract, enabled by improved school finances, will heighten school security. In this day and age, officers in the schools should be a priority for all districts, despite cost.

• ORCHID: To members of the Trumbull County Transit Board who are writing a job description for agency mobility manager Michael Verich. Verich, who holds a $36,000-per-year contract to do the job, has been working for years without a job description specifying his duties and the board’s expectations. Job descriptions and expectations always should be a requirement for anyone employed by or contracted with government agencies.

• ONION: To members of Warren city administration for failing to attend Tuesday’s rally in Warren’s Courthouse Square, planned as a grassroots effort to encourage the Italian-American Festival to stay in downtown Warren after reports arose that the major summer festival may be moving to Eastwood Mall in Niles. Dozens of residents and event supporters turned out for the rally, but the mayor and his safety service director notably were not among them. We are happy, however, to see the festival committee on Thursday voted to stay in Warren.

• ORCHID: To Howland Township police for launching a new community policing program called, “Are You OK?” It involves scheduled phone calls or in-person checks on older residents or others who live alone, including those with non-life-threatening illnesses or severe medical problems.

• ORCHID: To Newton Falls for making the quick and painless switch to RITA. The decision will save the village money and was timed well because the only employee in the Newton Falls tax department retired this year.