Orchids and Onions

• ORCHID: To the six 2018 inductees into the Trumbull County African American Achievers Association Hall of Fame. They are: Paulette Edington, Myles Johnson, Leslie Parkey, Denise Matlock, Gary Price and Roland Battle. Two student scholarship recipients are Michael Jordan and Autumn Duncan. Inductions to this prestigious group will be held this evening.

• ONION: To Liberty Trustee Jodi Stoyak for stepping down as board chairwoman, claiming new Trustee Arnold Clebone is “stirring things up” and “micromanaging functions of the township.” She went on to say the board will be better served by Clebone as chairman. All trustees were elected to govern as they see fit. Stoyak should have stood her ground rather than crumbling under pressure and throwing up her hands in this important role.

• ORCHID: To Dennis Drummond, 2008 Warren G. Harding High School graduate and recent contestant on NBC’s “The Voice,” who came home from Nashville this week to perform for local students at all five Warren City School buildings. It’s nice to see Drummond has not forgotten his roots.

• ONION: To illegal drug dealers who have been lacing cocaine and methamphetamines with fentanyl or other opioid-based drugs. It’s bad enough these dealers peddle addictive and life-threatening drugs on the streets, but mixing in opioids makes an even deadlier combination. Estimates show 71 percent of Ohio’s unintentional fatal drug overdoses last year involved fentanyl or related opioids.

• ORCHID: To the Ohio Attorney General’s office for offering Ohio police officers driving safety training via a transportable simulator. Orchid also to Niles police for taking advantage of the training opportunity by bringing it to the Niles Wellness Center this week. So far, more than 8,000 officers statewide have received the free training since it was introduced five years ago.