Orchids and Onions

• ORCHID: To all those involved in the efforts to remove Mecca Township Fiscal Officer Debbie Drawl from her elected office, including state Auditor David Yost, Attorney General Mike DeWine, Mecca trustees and several residents. As Judge Andrew Logan ordered this week, it was clear Drawl simply was not able to perform her elected duties, making the move unavoidable.

• ONION: To Mecca Township Fiscal Officer Debbie Drawl, however, for refusing to step down from her seat, despite evidence that mounted against her. Rather, she cost the taxpayers and their insurance company more money by forcing the matter into court. And apparently it isn’t over yet because her attorney said the ruling is being appealed.

• ORCHID: To Tata Steel, operator of Warren’s Thomas Steel Strip, for donating 1,000 new hardcover books to students at LaBrae School District’s Bascom Elementary School as part of a partnership with First Book to promote literacy. The school’s principal said these may the first hardback books that some of the students have ever owned.

• ONION: To two men who preyed on an elderly Weathersfield Township man by gaining entry to his home after they claimed to be state officials who needed to check his water meter. They were not, and ultimately stole at least $300 from the man’s wallet. Preying on the elderly is among the lowest crimes in society.