How could Nassar abuse go on so long?

They just keep coming. Some stand bravely alone, their voices rising in anger. Others sob quietly as they are supported by loved ones.

They all have the same story: Dr. Larry Nassar sexually abused me.

About 160 of them have testified in court to what Nassar did. The total number of his victims — young college athletes in Michigan and Olympic-caliber gymnasts — is estimated at 265.

Nassar has been sentenced to as many as 175 years in prison for abusing women under the guise of treating them medically.

He got away with it for 20 years.

Some officials at Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics have resigned their posts because of the Nassar case. Official inquiries have been launched into whether some knew of his crimes and helped him avoid justice — and it is known that did happen.

But the larger, more important question that needs to be answered, perhaps through a congressional inquiry, is this: How is it possible he abused so many for so long and no one acted decisively to stop him?