Congressman just got more distant

The already distant congressman who represents our residents in northern Trumbull County just moved even farther away.

Republican U.S. Rep. David Joyce, who represents the 14th Congressional District, announced last week he moved what was his closest office for his constituents here even farther west.

Beginning last week, Joyce announced his main district office is located at 8500 Station St., Suite 390, Mentor, OH 44060.

With the move, he closed what had been the office closest to Trumbull County in Painesville. But even that office was located at least 31 miles away, or about 45 minutes by automobile. His new office in Mentor is located at least 38 miles or 47 minutes away from North Bloomfield, the northwestern-most township in Trumbull County. Residents who live farther east would have an even longer commute should they need to visit their congressman’s office to seek help on an issue.

Joyce’s other northeast Ohio office is located in Twinsburg, at least 42 miles away or 56 minutes by automobile.

We are disappointed to report that we already rarely hear from Joyce. Now this latest move makes us feel even more ignored and irrelevant to the congressman.