Ryan must not forget local Trump support

U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan continues to carry on the liberal speak of Democrats in Washington, rather than consider supporting a tax reform bill developed to grow the economy.

Before he voted “no” on the plan last week, Ryan, D-Howland, slammed the plan from the House floor, stressing that it would bring tax cuts only for the rich.

“This tax plan will not make America great. It will make America worse for everybody who is not already rich,” Ryan said.

But in reality, the tax reform bill would result in income tax relief for virtually all Americans, various examinations have disclosed.

In fact, the tax reform bill would work to fix a failing U.S. tax code that has led to America becoming increasingly less competitive in the global markets. The proposed reform would help grow the economy because it would make it harder for corporations to avoid paying taxes, make the U.S. corporate tax rate competitive with the rest of the developed world and bring corporate investments back to the United States.

Still, the absurdity of complaints about tax reform proposals continues.

Last week, Tax Policy Center analysts revealed that, as The Associated Press phrased it, “the Senate tax overhaul bill would produce tax increases for half of all taxpayers by 2027.”

But the very next sentence states this: “The Tax Policy Center says that’s because most of the legislation’s personal tax reductions expire in 2026.”

Initially, the Senate bill would result in income tax relief for virtually all Americans, various examinations have disclosed. It would continue for at least a decade before tax cut provisions sunset in 2027.

In all likelihood, there is some technical reason why the bill’s language provided for that. Even if it goes into effect that way, it is difficult to conceive that any member of Congress would, 10 years from now, vote against extending the tax relief. That would be a ticket to early retirement from Congress.

We know nitpicking is the name of the game in politics. But on tax reform, the bottom line is that Americans win — and that is what counts.

Ryan, a Democrat, said last week that he wants his party to work with Republicans to make the tax code simpler, fairer and more competitive.

Yet, there was no spirit of cooperation when the measure came up for a vote. The bill passed 227-205, largely along party lines with most Democrats voting no.

Again, Ryan seems to have forgotten that his constituents here in Trumbull County — most who in the past have routinely voted a straight Democratic ticket — last year voted overwhelmingly to support Donald Trump for president and his GOP policies.

Now voters need to remember Ryan’s harsh criticism of this tax reform bill and his lack of cooperation. His constituents must hold the local congressman accountable on his votes against Trump’s policies and especially against critically needed tax reform.