Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To bystanders who helped thwart a purse snatching at a Niles restaurant last week. Witnesses Brian McWilliams, Matthew Smith and managers from Applebee’s ordered the man to drop the purse, then chased him to a nearby restaurant in Eastwood Mall Complex where they held the suspect until police arrived. Jeffrey Linam II, 31, of Boardman, was charged.

• ONION: To Warren City Council members who next week will host a public meeting with state officials to discuss the controversial topic of sober houses, but will not allow public comments because it will make the meeting last too long, and they’ve already heard it all before. What a sorry excuse for ignoring criticisms and public input.

•ORCHID: To Warren Councilman Mark Forte, D-4th Ward, for opposing the idea of not allowing residents to speak at the meeting on sober houses. “We are elected by the voters to represent them. We should hear their concerns,” Forte said. We agree.

• ORCHID: To Warren city and Howland Township, which were among a handful of Ohio communities to receive “Healthy Community Awards,” recognizing their active pursuit of creating healthier communities, improving the community environment related to tobacco use and exposure, increasing healthy eating and active living.

• ORCHID: To Howland High School senior Jessica Spore, who was selected to perform next week as first chair clarinet with the National Association for Music Education’s All-National Honor Ensemble in Florida. It’s a tribute to Jessica’s hard work, dedication and musical talent.