Orchids and Onions

• ORCHID: To Niles city council for creating a vacant building registry, intended to expedite rehab or blight removal and requiring owners to submit plans for the vacancy and escrow funds prior to demolition. It sounds great on paper. Now, let’s hope the program does not get bogged down in the minutia of enforcement.

• ONION: To six Warren political candidates who filed petitions to run in Tuesday’s election, only to drop out as the election neared and ballots were printed. The failure by many to campaign and answer reporters’ questions indicates most never took seriously this critically important decision. Instead, they wasted the time of their opponents, elections officials and constituents.

• ORCHID: To Liberty Township’s ranking police officers who agreed to a new three-year agreement that includes no pay increases, yet increases their health insurance contributions to 12 to 15 percent — the same that other Liberty police did this year. Their agreement to take a personal financial hit shows they understand the true meaning of public service.

• ONION: To the customer who pointed a gun at a worker at a Warren McDonald’s drive-thru last week when he was dissatisfied about the unavailability of the Egg McMuffin he ordered. Really? How can society be so angry?

• ORCHID: To more than 50 artists celebrated recently at Fairhaven Foundation’s 19th annual Calendar Art Show, including 13 whose artwork will appear in the foundation’s 2018 calendar. As one official put it, it is important to focus on a pathway to employment without losing individual expression along the way. Well said!