Letting go of frustrations and giving thanks

It is easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated.

Many of us are working more and enjoying it, financially at least, less. Many others cannot find good jobs at all. The future may seem questionable.

We fear nuclear war perhaps the most of any time in recent history.

Each day new allegations come out about celebrities, or news broadcasters or elected officials who apparently thought it was OK to sexually harass or assault their co-workers.

If often seems our elected leaders in Washington are more interested in serving special interests rather than the constituents that put them there.

And as a result, America is increasingly more divided with every passing day — largely along party lines.

Sadly, families, too, are divided by political differences.

But for today, let’s take pause.

When one starts to lose sight of the good things in life, here is an opportunity to take heed. Hundreds of submissions from readers appear in today’s Thanksgiving Day edition (and many more will run throughout the weekend) to remind us of all the prayers that have been answered on this special holiday in which we give thanks.

We truly do have so much for which to be thankful.

To billions of people around the world, Americans’ hand-wringing probably seems laughable.

Financially, no other country’s residents are as prosperous and secure as ours. Overwhelmingly, we treat one another as we wish to be treated ourselves. For billions of our global neighbors, bigotry of one form or another is not news.

For all its flaws, our government is based on a one-word principle: liberty. In most other countries, that word is unknown.

We remain blessed by a Creator who continues to be gracious to us. That is reason to bow our heads today in humble gratitude.

Unquestionably, politics will be a major presence around many Thanksgiving tables this year, especially as we catch up with friends and family we may see only rarely. This could be cause of heated discussion or strict avoidance. Whatever your family chooses, remember to stop and count your many other blessings. That’s something that should never change.

Happy Thanksgiving.