Incumbents for Warren Twp. trustee posts should stay

Warren Township has been struggling for many years with issues that include blight, declining revenue and a need for access to safe drinking water in some areas of the township.

These are problems that incumbent trustees Kay Anderson and Robert Bush know well. The two have been working to find grant funds that can help in housing demolition and have even set aside funds from township coffers to raze eight homes this year.

Bush noted that he would like to see a regional zoning court to help find solutions for residents and businesses that fail to maintain their properties.

This election, Warren Township residents also will face a 3-mill, continuing additional levy that, if passed, will be used to provide and maintain fire and EMS protection in the township.

Bush said he sees the levy as necessary in order to keep safety forces operational. He noted a loss of local industry through the years, including Copperweld Steel, RG Steel and Denman Tire.

While he understands the return of this type of industry is unlikely, he would like to focus on growing small business in the township.

Bush and Anderson also have been working with officials in both Howland Township and Warren city in hopes of establishing a joint economic development district that could lead to brownfield cleanup and redevelopment of the former RG Steel mill property, which straddles all three sub-divisions.

Bush also was quick to point out an ongoing challenge of tax delinquencies that plague local government.

The fact is, challenges are many in Warren Township, and there is no easy fix. Despite that, we like the tenacity exhibited by Bush and Anderson and believe they are the best candidates on the Nov. 7 ballot.

Challenger Ryan Yoho also presented some suggestions for combating blight and said he would like to work to secure state and federal grants to continue demolition of vacant houses and businesses.

Yoho operates an excavating business out of the township and is a LaBrae High School graduate.

It appears that Yoho’s heart is in the right place, but the experience and no-nonsense attitudes of the township’s incumbent trustees make Bush and Anderson the better choices for re-election.

A fourth candidate, Kristie L. Briggs, did not seek our endorsement.

Residents in Warren Township should vote Nov. 7 to give their incumbents another term in office.