Orchids and Onions

• ORCHID: To Bazetta Township Fire Department for obtaining, with the help of donations and grants, 250 smoke detectors for area residents. Firefighters will go door to door distributing the units, focused largely on the elderly.

• ORCHID: To Mounument of Faith Church of God in Christ of Warren, along with many others, making local efforts to collect supplies and funds to help the victims of this year’s hurricanes. Other efforts are being made by Brookfield Middle School, the Salvation Army, John F. Kennedy High School students and many, many other caring residents.

• ONION: To Howland Township, the latest community to consider using speed cameras. If slowing down motorists were the only goal, why not just station an officer at busy intersections to make frequent traffic stops? This move, instead, reeks of attempts to boost township revenue.

• ORCHID: To veterans and organizers who last week remembered prisoners of war and military members still missing with an annual 24-hour display at Circle Park in Niles. The effort to mark POW / MIA Recognition Day reminds us that these service members have not been forgotten.

• ORCHID: To Howland Boy Scout Abhishek Shah, 17, who created and posted distance markers on sidewalks in the area for walkers and runners. The effort encourages exercise and physical fitness.