Orchids and Onions

• ORCHID: To seven college students who spent five weeks of their summer mentoring more than 40 youngsters who took part at the Tabernacle Baptist Church Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School. The program provided literacy and enrichment to kids in grades one to six, with the goal of helping them to read at one grade level higher.

• ORCHID: To Hubbard residents coordinating “Flight of the Eagles,” a fundraiser to help build a replica of an 1857 meeting house at Harding Park that once stood on Liberty Street. The replica would be used for community and public events while showcasing Hubbard’s history.

• ONION: To the three thieves who robbed a 14-year-old Warren boy of his bike at knifepoint on Niles Road. Indeed, the boy was out past curfew and should not have been riding alone, as police rightfully told the adults in his family when they drove him home.

• ORCHID: To members of the Liberty High School Class of 1981 for not forgetting their roots. The class donated $3,000 in labor and materials to the W.S. Guy Middle School staff lounge by installing new countertops and plumbing fixtures and painting.

• ORCHID: To Cafaro Foundation, which donated $10,000, and about a dozen other local businesses that gave services to the “Home for Jamie and Her Siblings” campaign. Jamie, a 6-year-old foster child, received a life-saving liver transplant in 2015. The funds will help pay for $90,000 in renovations to the home of a Vienna family that has adopted the youngster and her three siblings.