Trumbull County should have been bigger part of Trump’s visit

We are disappointed that leaders in the Trumbull County GOP didn’t make better use of their opportunity when President Donald Trump was in town this week, and we are equally disappointed that Trump chose to spend his time in Mahoning County rather than Trumbull.

Trumbull County supported Trump in his White House bid so significantly that it has garnered repeated national media attention. Just recently CNN again visited Trumbull County to interview locals about why they made the switch from blue to red.

Regina Mitchell, president and chief operating officer of Warren Fabricating, said CNN spent several days filming at the company’s Hubbard plant and interviewing employees.

When producers asked workers whether they were sorry they voted for Trump, Mitchell said the answer was a resounding “no.”

Mitchell explained the reasoning well: “We didn’t vote for Trump the person or Trump the tweeter. We voted for his agenda to help the working class. But the politicians in Washington are impeding his efforts because they donát like him. It makes us feel like our vote doesn’t count. We still believe in President Trump’s agenda, but we are frustrated and want the obstructionism to stop … We voted for his agenda, not his personality. That is the point our workers wanted to make, and I hope the heart of their story does not get left on the editing room floor.”

It’s attitudes like this that make us wonder why Trump devoted his time last week to Youngstown and Struthers, rather than Warren and Trumbull County.

We also believe new Trumbull County Republican Party Chairman Kevin Wyndham should have pushed harder to ensure that he had an opportunity to tout the area’s support and future needs face-to-face to our president when he was here. Unfortunately he didn’t get the opportunity to do that.

We are hopeful that the president will return here again during his presidency, and next time that local and state Republican leaders work to ensure he makes Trumbull County a larger part of his visit.