Cooperation in waterline project is worth praise

Trumbull County commissioners and the Ohio EPA have done an excellent job of making affordable a badly needed water line for low-income parts of the county.

Last month, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency announced it would forgive 75 percent of the loan that’s funding the $12.5 million Blueprint to Prosperity waterline project. That’s an increase from the 50 percent forgiveness initially promised. It means a drastic reduction in the amount of debt the county planned to carry and recoup from customers along the route.

The remaining 25 percent will be paid with a no-interest loan for lines servicing the route that runs north from Braceville Robinson Road in Braceville, from state Route 5 to Helsey Fusselman Road, west to state Route 534 and north along 534 to West Farmington.

Then last week, this newspaper reported that Trumbull County also has expanded its sewer district to include parts that were left out when those lines were drawn in 1972.

Redrawing these lines will ensure areas that were left out — unincorporated areas that were not part of sewered areas at the time — can be included in upcoming projects including the Blueprint to Prosperity project.

The project will bring waterlines to hundreds of people who have not had a chance to tie into existing lines in the past.

The more people who sign up for the project that connects homes in Southington, West Farmington, Farmington and Braceville to water coming from the treatment plant in Newton Falls, the cheaper it will be, officials have said.

The ongoing teamwork and commitment in this project among Trumbull County and state of Ohio officials are noteworthy and commendable.