Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To the Youngstown Air Reserve Station for opening its gates to the public today and Sunday, and for sponsoring the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds aerial team for the Thunder Over the Valley air show. This amazing showcase of military skill and might should make us all proud to be Americans.

• ORCHID: To all the first responders and volunteers who, despite heat, humidity and some rain, spent countless hours searching Mosquito Lake Park this week for a missing 16-year-old Bazetta boy. Despite many differences, we are proud that members of our community work so hard together in times of need.

• ONION: To Amato P. Zaccone, 57, of Hubbard, who this week was convicted of his 11th domestic violence offense. Onion, also, to his ex-girlfriend, the victim who called police to report Zaccone attempted to choke her but who then refused to testify, claiming her Fifth Amendment right. It’s situations like this that often allow repeated violence to occur.

• ORCHID: To families with the courage to list “heroin overdose” as a cause of death in obituaries. Such sad words accompanied by photos of what too often are beautiful young men and women helps to drive home the impact this horrible epidemic is having on our society.

• ORCHID: To all the volunteers and donors who spent many hours placing American flags on the graves of deceased service men and women in the weeks leading up to Memorial Day.