Tribune recaps endorsements

Local voters will have the opportunity this week to cast deciding votes in 11 contested county-wide, state or congressional races in Trumbull County, not including the presidential or U.S. Senate race. Only four county-wide races are uncontested — Trumbull County sheriff, prosecutor, coroner and Common Pleas judge — plus Eastern District Court judge in Cortland.

We are pleased the voters have good choices this election. We know that isn’t always the case in local general elections, given the dominant Democratic stronghold of Trumbull and Mahoning counties. We hope voters heading to the polls this week make their decision based not just on a party affiliation, but based on the best candidate in each race. We also hope voters have done their homework and are educated on each candidate and issue. (If not, there’s still time.)

To assist in preparations, here is a recap of the endorsements issued by the Tribune Chronicle over the past several weeks.

• PRESIDENTIAL RACE: We have not endorsed a particular candidate, but we have urged voters against supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton.

• U.S. SENATE: We endorse Republican incumbent ROB PORTMAN, champion of working men and women, who has fought against trade deals that sell out Ohio workers and who has worked to enact federal programs to help those who have lost jobs.

• CONGRESS – 13TH DISTRICT: Democratic incumbent TIM RYAN received our endorsement. His experience, excellent representation of the area in Washington and rising seniority can only contribute to the strong leadership he provides.

• CONGRESS – 14TH DISTRICT: Republican incumbent DAVID JOYCE received our endorsement. He pushes for less government spending, reducing the nation’s debt and rebuilding our country’s infrastructure.

• OHIO SENATE – 32ND DISTRICT: Democrat SEAN O’BRIEN gets the nod because of his role in rescinding the Trumbull County septic system consent decree, coupled with his ability to reach across the aisle on other issues.

• OHIO HOUSE – 63RD DISTRICT: Democrat GLENN HOLMES received the endorsement because of his excellent record as McDonald mayor, coupled by his spirit of cooperation.

• OHIO HOUSE – 64TH DISTRICT: Republican challenger MARTHA YODER gets the endorsement due to her support of regionalized services and her desire to revisit septic and sanitary sewer issues in Trumbull County.

• TRUMBULL COUNTY COMMISSIONER: Democratic incumbent DAN POLIVKA is endorsed due to his proven success and follow-through as commissioner.

• TRUMBULL COUNTY COMMISSIONER: Democratic incumbent MAURO CANTALAMESSA is endorsed for his involvement in maintaining the current sales tax rate, revitalization of the Golden Triangle area of Trumbull County and helping to secure funding for the “Blueprint to Prosperity” waterline project.

• TRUMBULL COUNTY CLERK OF COURTS: Democratic incumbent KAREN ALLEN has earned our endorsement due to demonstrated in-depth knowledge, efficient operations and a drive to improve the already good service.

• TRUMBULL COUNTY TREASURER:  SAM LAMANCUSA gets the nod due to his vision and involvement in developing the Trumbull County Land Bank, his work eliminating blighted properties through an aggressive foreclosure program and his continued efficient operations of the office.

• TRUMBULL COUNTY RECORDER: TOD LATELL’s experience makes him the more qualified candidate.

• WARREN INCOME TAX: We endorse the 0.5 percent, 5-year income tax levy, but only if the city administration agrees to make necessary cuts and changes from the status quo of operations.

• MATHEWS BOND ISSUE: The condition of three aging buildings and a nearly $1 million cost for repairs of things like the boiler system at the 100-year-old Mathews High School make passage of a 7.45-mill bond issue and companion 0.5-mill operating levy the correct choice.

• VIENNA POLICE LEVY: Due to previous ballot defeats and the possibility of shared police protection services with the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office or neighboring communities, we do not endorse the 1- mill additional levy.