Solitary confinement small price to pay

John Donald Cody’s luck nearly ran out in 2013, when a Cuyahoga County judge sentenced him to 28 years in prison for a massive scam in which he claimed to be running a charity for Navy veterans. He raked in about $100 million before his scheme was sunk.

Real charities helping veterans did not get that money. No one can say with certainty how badly that hurt men and women who have served in the armed forces. And only Cody knows how many of their fellow veterans were defrauded because they dug deep into the pockets to help old shipmates, so to speak.

Probably with all that in mind, the judge in Cody’s case threw in an additional stipulation. While in prison, Cody was to spend each Veterans Day in solitary confinement, the judge ordered.

But Cody’s luck had not run out entirely. Last week. an appeals court ruled the Cuyahoga County judge exceeded his authority. Cody will not have to spend each Veterans Day in solitary confinement.

That is a real pity. Some time alone might have given him an opportunity to think about the cruel and unusual punishment he inflicted on men and women who deserved his admiration and gratitude instead of being used as pawns in his despicable crime.