Orchids and Onions

ORCHID: To Pastor Dave Luther, chairman for the committee that staged the D-Day 70th anniversary celebration at Champion High School that turned into a complete success.

ONION: To the city of Cortland for hiring a public relations firm to promote the city for business development. Cortland already has the Regional Chamber and its own elected officials to serve this purpose.

ORCHID: To Chalker High School graduate Staff Sgt. Xanadu Moldenhauer of Southington, who was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for saving the life of a fellow soldier who had a boulder roll onto his arm, shattering his humerus and dislocating his elbow.

ONION: To Niles Councilman Steve Papalas for ranting loudly during a public meeting saying the Tribune Chronicle failed to print good news about the city, such as a $500,000 transfer from the light fund to the general fund. The Tribune did, indeed, report the transfer, two weeks earlier.

ORCHID: To Lordstown Mayor Arno Hill for his efforts to bring an $800 million power plant into the village. The tax revenue would be a game-changer for the school district and possibly the entire community.

ORCHID: To Bloomfield-Mespo and Lordstown school districts for scoring 100 percent on the third-grade reading tests, and ORCHIDS to Trumbull County’s other 18 school districts who all improved over last year.

ORCHID: To Bristol and Bloomfield townships for sharing roadwork, thus saving tens of thousands of dollars.

ORCHID: To Deborah S. Liptak, who was elected president of the YWCA Board of Directors.

ORCHID: To the village of McDonald for turning over building inspections to Trumbull County, which helps make local government more efficient.