Shots could help save kids’ lives

Much has been written of political bickering and ”gridlock” in both state and federal governments. But sometimes, the politicians join hands to get important things done.

It has been pointed out lives could be saved if schools, youth camps and coaches had ”pens” used to administer epinephrine shots available. The shots are used to counter severe allergic reactions.

When such reactions occur, time is of the essence. Quick administration of an epinephrine shot can be the difference between life and death.

Ohio parents can send epinephrine pens to school with their children. But in the past, school personnel, even nurses, could not give the drug to children.

That has changed. Though schools are not required to stock epinephrine, a bill signed into law by Gov. John Kasich eliminates several barriers to educators having and using them.

The measure was approved unanimously in both houses of the General Assembly.

Credit where it’s due: Sometimes the politicians get it right.