More to do at Trumbull United Way

Monday’s announcement by the United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley shows just how far the United Way of Trumbull County has to go.

The Youngstown United Way announced Monday it will allocate more than $1.9 million for 2014-15 programs.

This comes on the heels of announcing in February that it exceeded its 2013 campaign goal of $2.5 million.

In comparison, the United Way of Trumbull County announced in March that it exceeded its 2013 campaign goal of $845,000.

During the campaigns, the Youngstown United Way, not the Trumbull United Way, had its goal thermometer in front of the General Motors Lordstown complex, which is located in Trumbull County.

But as we have said before, everybody needs to keep the Trumbull United Way’s accomplishments in perspective. Prior to 2013, there was no fundraising goal, nor was there a fundraising thermometer.

The Trumbull United Way for the first time in many years set a goal and displayed a thermometer in downtown Warren.

In many ways, new Trumbull United Way President Ginny Pasha has the local organization improving.

Trumbull United Way has been far more visible in the community than it has in a long time and this bodes well for increasing the money collection in the future.

At its 91st annual meeting Tuesday, about 180 people turned out to recognize the 2013 accomplishments.

That level of support is certainly strong enough to keep the momentum moving forward.

Recognized at the meeting were the following:

The General Motors Lordstown Complex and United Auto Workers locals 1112 and 1714 as the largest donor;

Hill, Barth & King for having the largest amount of contributions per employee;

Penn Care, for the largest new contribution by a for-profit company;

Warren Area Board of Realtors for the greatest increase in giving over last year;

Greenwood Chevrolet for donating Chevy Cruzes each of the past two years; and

Huntington Bank for providing backpacks to Trumbull County students.

Not all of the United Way’s success last year was in the form of donations.

The following were recognized for their community service:

Trumbull Memorial Hospital’s United Way at Work team for cleaning an elderly woman’s yard;

RTI United Steelworkers Local 2155 and Ohio Edison IBEW Local 1194 for conducting food drives at their respective shops; and

Tony DiTomasso of the Western Reserve Building Trades for constructing the thermometer.

The local United Way’s visibility heightened under Pasha and campaign leaders Jim Whetstone and Fran Cunningham.

Whether it’s hosting an ice cream social or launching a third-grade reading program, Trumbull United Way was seen in the community more often in 2013 than in many years prior.

Now that the annual meeting is over and everybody is done with the congratulatory gestures, it’s time to get back to work.

Monday’s announcement by its Youngstown counterpart shows there is much more that the Trumbull United Way can accomplish.