Report shows every vote counts

Whether in a presidential election or a race for municipal council in a small town, individual votes matter. They can be decisive.

Recounts of votes cast in the election last November in Ohio have disclosed that in 43 situations, ballot questions were decided by one-vote margins or through special provisions to break ties. Thirty-five candidates won that way. Eight local tax issues were settled in that manner.

While elections that end in ties or are decided by single votes are rare, they do occur – 43 times last November. Races in which margins of victory or defeat are in single-digit vote totals are even more common.

In releasing information on last November’s election, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted said it is more evidence of the importance of making it easy to vote – but hard to commit vote fraud – in Ohio. He is right about that.

But his report also reinforces how critical single votes can be and how important it is for informed, concerned citizens to exercise their right to vote.

Your vote is important in every election. But in some situations, it can be the difference between whether a candidate you support wins or loses, or whether a tax you oppose is approved or rejected.

Remember that, we urge you, the next time an election is scheduled.