Support budget amendment

The Ohio General Assembly should adopt a proposed joint resolution that would put the state on record in calling for a federal constitutional convention for the purpose of passing a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Of course, the odds of the federal government holding a constitutional convention is almost nil and the odds of passing a balanced budget amendment are even lower. That’s because nobody in the U.S. Congress wants to face the fallout of defunding locally popular, vote-getting programs.

Ohio’s resolution would symbolically send the message that we disapprove of the runaway spending taking place in Washington.

Ohio was on the receiving end of much federal overspending during Gov. Ted Strickland’s last year in office. It allowed the Democrat governor to avoid making brutal cuts during an election year. But since, Ohio communities and school districts have struggled with the whiplash effect of those federal bailouts running dry.

Tax dollars should not have been used for such a purpose in the first place.

Locally, State Reps. Tom Letson, D-Warren, and Sean O’Brien, D-Brookfield, and State Sen. Capri Cafaro, D-Hubbard, should support the resolution.