Start a riot over Heltzel comment

Trumbull County Commissioner Paul Heltzel said that if commissioners passed all of the 12 percent health care increase on to county employees, ”you would have a riot.”

Apparently Heltzel is unconcerned about taxpayers rioting. In fact, he’s apparently unconcerned about taxpayers period, so he and his colleagues are committing Trumbull County residents to cover half of the 12 percent increase.

Nevermind that taxpayers already pay 90 percent of the county employees’ health care premiums. Nevermind that such generosity is far more than what taxpayers typically receive from their own employers. And nevermind that taxpayers are funding health care plans that are, in most cases, better than their own.

There was a time when the commissioners’ decision and Heltzel’s comments would have resulted in taxpayers stealing his tea and dumping it into the Mahoning River. Minus the tea, taxpayers may want to voice their displeasure at commissioners’ meetings, through phone calls or via emails.