The courage of grieving father is applauded

The courage that Richard Rollison III demonstrated last week was truly remarkable.

Rollison’s son, Richard C. Rollison IV, 24, was murdered in the early morning hours of Saturday, Oct. 26. The father arrived at the scene when his son, uttering the final few words of his life, identified the shooter.

The young Rollison’s senseless death inflamed the emotions of his friends. Twenty-three of them went to the Rollison home vowing retribution.

That’s when the senior Richard Rollison began his quest to quell the desires of some of his son’s friends to continue the violence. He has earnestly demonstrated that he wishes the loss of his son to be the end of violence in his community, not the beginning of even more events that could end or ruin the lives of too many.

The first thing he did was to call on Mayor Doug Franklin and Vince Peterson, a respected city pastor and community activist. They were asked to meet with the son’s friends and talk them out of retaliating for young Richard’s death.

Then Wednesday, Rollison, flanked by his family, stood in front of live media coverage and asked for an end to violence in the city. He said he would offer his son’s life again if it provided a catalyst to end violence.

We sincerely admire Mr. Rollison for his courageous call for calm last week. We add our voice for everybody to set aside their anger, honor the Rollisons and start a new chapter for the city.