Video shows what officers deal with

The dashboard video from a recent vehicle pursuit through Warren provides another glimpse into the challenges local police face daily and the respect they deserve for performing their duties.

Warren police charged Irvin L. Dean Jr., 47, with drug possession, carrying a concealed weapon and failing to comply with a police officer – all felonies, according to reports. Police also charged Dean with misdemeanor drug abuse / possible use after chasing him for close to 10 minutes and watching as he threw from the vehicle items later identified as a handgun and crack cocaine, according to reports.

The chase at times reached speeds of 65 mph on residential streets. When the chase finally ended, an officer ordered the driver out, but he did not leave the car immediately.

When the driver finally exited the vehicle an officer could be heard on the dashcam video asking him why he didn’t stop. Dean answered that he didn’t know who was following him. Not surprisingly, the officer sarcastically inquired as to why the loud sirens and emergency lights didn’t give him a clue.

This was by no means a harrowing experience for Warren’s officers. But we encourage people to watch because it serves as a reminder of the nonsense that police have to deal with on a daily basis; nonsense that sometimes leads to harrowing experiences.