Show your support for a better Warren

Everybody from Trumbull County has an opportunity to help one of the most active and important community nonprofit organizations secure $10,000 to help fight blight in Warren.

Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership is the finalist from Ohio in the Tom’s of Maine ”50 States for Good” community giving program. By finding this editorial on and clicking on the 50 State for Good link, everybody who cares about the county seat can vote for TNP.

TNP was selected for the gregg’s gardens program in which empty lots in the Garden District are being converted into vegetable gardens, wildflower gardens and public art displays. The neighborhood is part of the repopulation effort that has already seen success as urban homesteaders have rehabilitated homes and converted vacant lots into unique uses, such as a barley farm for micro brewing beer.

More than a thousand nonprofits entered the contest. By making the final 50, TNP, designed to empower residents and promote sustainable community development, has again proven itself as an important part of Warren’s redevelopment.

The effort even caught the attention of Cleveland rock legend Michael Stanley who has announced his support for TNP in the Tom’s of Maine contest.

“I’ve been playing gigs in Warren for more than 40 years and have always loved the city. It reminds me a lot of my hometown Cleveland. Both cities have their share of problems but each is also made up of tough people who will never give up,” Stanley said.

“I love what TNP and gregg’s gardens are doing to create a Garden District in Warren. It could be a very cool neighborhood – Warren’s version of Ohio City or Tremont. So get out and vote for TNP and bring home the money,” he added.

Stanley returns to Warren Oct. 12 for a show at the Packard Music Hall.

Tom’s of Maine voting is open to Facebook members. They may vote every day until the challenge ends on Oct. 15.

We encourage everybody from Trumbull County to flood the contest website with votes for TNP and gregg’s gardens.

To vote, click on the link with this story. When the TNP box pops open click “Vote now.” The top 15 vote-getters will each receive $10,000. TNP is in second place.