Orchids & Onions

ORCHID: To the Warren Police Department and Mayor Doug Franklin’s administration for the professional and transparent way they handled the tragic fatal shooting involving a city police officer. They achieved the delicate balance between quickly fulfilling the public’s right to know information with the need to protect investigative data.

ORCHID: To the Greater Warren Youngstown Urban League, Trumbull County NAACP and local church leaders who wisely called for community patience while the Warren police shooting is investigated. Their efforts helped calm what could have turned into a racially charged incident.

ONION: To U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Niles, for not responding quickly and directly to community activist Dennis Blank, one of his constituents, who wrote the congressman with concerns over how the controversial nonprofit Sunshine of Warren-Trumbull Area, Inc., has spent millions of dollars in federal money from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Not responding to Blank’s letter, part of a chorus of public outcry about the agency, contributes to the perception that Washington is a vast taxpayer wasteland, doling out millions with no oversight.

ORCHID: To Hiram College and other higher education institutions in Ohio for implementing the Connect2Complete program, which is aimed at improving retention among first-generation students. Ohio is one of three pilot states for this program that involves AmeriCorps and Ohio Campus Compact.

ORCHID: To Junior Achievement of Mahoning Valley Inc.,and Cortland Bank employees for their Get Smart about Credit Day program that teaches high school students about personal finance. The sessions are being held in Austintown Fitch, Boardman, Canfield, Champion, Salem and East Liverpool high schools.

ORCHID: To Youngstown State University and the National Science Foundation for a $470,000 Research Instrumentation Award. The grant will allow YSU to purchase a Cyber-Enabled, Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer used for research in non-medical science and engineering fields.


Orchids & Onions

ORCHID: To the Warren G. Harding High School First Team 48 Delphi ELITE, for winning a 2013 state title.

ORCHID: To the Newton Falls Joint Fire District for receiving and CSX for giving a grant to provide smoke detectors to home owners.

ORCHID: To the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) for reaching a six-year agreement to supply Ohio-produced natural gas to its customers in Liberty, Warren and Newton Falls. This would be less expensive than purchasing out-of-state gas that has higher transportation costs.

ORCHID: To Champion Local Schools for making the Forbes list of Best Schools for Your Housing Buck. Forbes measured the quality of education with the cost of housing.

ORCHID: To Bristol trustees and the Trumbull County highway engineer for exploring the use of compressed natural gas to fuel township vehicles.

ORCHID: To Elizabeth Cole Clark and Pat McLean, who are leading an effort to install handrails on the balcony level of Packard Music Hall to make the facility safer for older visitors.

ONION: To the City of Warren for not adequately addressing the deplorable condition of the Packard Music Hall parking lot, which presents a danger to older visitors.

ORCHID: To Warren Municipal Court Judge Thomas Gysegem for requesting Warren police to probe a discrepancy between a list of parking fines and receipts that violators produced. Gysegem also suggested that the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification might be useful.