Restoring lakes likely to take time

The civic group Sustainable Girard 2023 should be applauded for pushing the restoration of the upper and lower Girard Lakes, which would elevate the quality of life for everybody in and around Girard.

The group should be patient, however, since they are working with a city that has only recently recovered from fiscal emergency.

One avenue to explore would be selling water from the lakes to the players in the oil and natural gas industry. Many companies will be using the hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, method of drilling in Trumbull County beginning this year. That process requires massive amounts of water.

If using the lakes for this purpose is feasible, the city may be able to make enough money to restore the lower lake dam that was breached many years ago for safety reasons. It’s unlikely Girard will have the wherewithal to rebuild the dam anytime soon otherwise.