Keep Girard City Council president

The Tribune Chronicle Editorial Board endorses incumbent Reynald J. Paolone over challenger Mike Costarella for the Democratic nomination for Girard City Council president.

Early voting for the May primary began last week. No Republicans filed.

Both candidates bring a lot of credentials to the race, and Girard would be served well by either.

We give the nod to Paolone because of his experience. He has served on council since 1993 and as president since 2005.

While council presidents cannot introduce or vote on legislation, except in the rare case of a tie, they do carry considerable influence from a bully pulpit and their leadership can play an important role in a city’s success. On Paolone’s leadership agenda is to assist the city in developing the east side of U.S. Route 422, south of Interstate 80 and across from the V&M Star pipe plants. This could be monumental, not just for Girard, but for all of Trumbull County if this acreage fully capitalizes on the oil and natural gas industry.

On Costarella’s agenda is to explore the possibility of repairing or replacing the breached lower Girard Lake dam and paying for it by selling the lake water to oil and natural gas drilling companies. Those that use the hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, method of drilling require enormous amounts of water and there is heavy reluctance to use the Mahoning Valley drinking sources – Meander and Mosquito lakes.

We like Paolone’s and Costarella’s priorities. Regardless of who is elected, both agendas should be pursued.