Ball dropped on hiring bus driver

Now we know why Niles City Schools Interim Superintendent Frank Danso, who certainly understands basic Ohio open records law, tried to keep secret the name of the school transportation driver suspended for abandoning a student who fell asleep on his bus.

Suspended school bus driver Gary M. Brian, between 1995 and 2010, piled up the following record:

Multiple speeding convictions.

Improper signaling;

Failing to control;

Operating an unsafe vehicle;

Passing in violation of a posted sign or pavement marking;

Violation of a traffic control device or sign.

Niles City Schools hired him in 2009 to drive a school bus.

Danso wasn’t with the schools then, but Danso was the boss last month when Brian was suspended for abandoning the student. The superintendent refused to release Brian’s name.

When reminded that this is a clear violation of Ohio open records law, Danso released Brian’s name, thus enabling a Tribune Chronicle reporter to conduct a Bureau of Motor Vehicles check and a review of the driver’s school employee personnel file.

The BMV check revealed the above traffic violations. The personnel file contains no indication that Niles schools conducted a background check before hiring Brian and making him responsible for transporting school children.