Create more senior watches

It took a tragedy several years ago to compel concerned citizens and township officials to create a senior watch program in Liberty. But the noble concept and its successful application have helped Trumbull County elderly beyond those who reside in Liberty.

Liberty’s senior watch program began in 2008 in response to the tragic death of 87-year-old Mary Rush, who accidentally locked herself out of her home. She later was found on her front porch, bleeding from wounds and suffering hypothermia.

More than 130 senior residents are part of the program. Between 30 and 40 have requested daily phone call checks. Most of the seniors have key boxes on their homes that police can use in case of emergency.

Weathersfield then adopted its ”Are you OK?” program and now Brookfield officials are gathering information to start another. Good for Brookfield. Hopefully this idea spreads faster and wider in Trumbull County.