A few loose ends to tie up

If you didn’t happened to read my last column (or if you did and need a little bit of a refresher), here’s what you need to know: I spent a whole column writing about how we need some good signs to welcome folks to our community.

In my mind, it’s important for us to put our best foot forward, and this is a simple way we can do that. On the very same day my column was published, a friend sent me a picture of a brand new sign welcoming residents and guests to Warren.

So, we have a few ways to describe what happened: I might be able to tell the future; or, someone at the paper has a lot of power and access to a very speedy sign production and installation company; or, this could be a coincidence.

Regardless, I will be very careful about what I wish for in this column – in which I highlight and celebrate a few more great things about our community.

First, to whomever it was who had the great idea to put those signs in,: thank you! What a great way to make our city more attractive and appealing for everyone. Again, it’s the little things like nice signs and empty lots filled with flowers that make our community so appealing.

Second, if you’ve noticed the hanging baskets around Courthouse Square, and how wonderful they look in our city, you’ll join me in thanking the Trumbull 100 for procuring the flowers and for laboring to hang them.

I recently was invited to the Trumbull 100’s annual meeting, and was encouraged to hear so many leaders use words like collaboration and cooperation – and mean it.

I was graciously welcomed to the morning’s events and was thrilled that our community has such an organization seeking its betterment.

Third, we have some great teachers who have finally arrived at summer vacation. Teachers, well done! Thanks for spending another year investing in the lives of our students and their families.

After endless hours of classroom instruction, not to mention the time you spend grading, going to community events, and attending meetings, you deserve a few months’ rest.

Friends of mine have a daughter who just finished kindergarten. When asked what was most exciting to her about summer, she said she was excited to sleep in each morning. I’m sure you can relate.

Fourth, and finally, I wanted to highlight someone in our community who represents so much of what I write about: hard work, cooperation, and a fighting spirit for our Valley.

This person is my dad, who has spent his entire life in the Valley, and his career in healthcare administration.

Whether or not you realize it, his hard work has had an enormous impact on the quality of healthcare to which we have access to in the Valley. Dad, your commitment to excellence, hard work, and a willingness to make our community better for everyone is so meaningful to me.

Happy Father’s Day (a bit early), and thanks for being a great dad and a great leader.

Tennant is a resident of Warren. You can email him at editorial@tribtoday.com