Audit should be next for Sunshine

It isn’t often that I agree with the Trumbull County commissioners, but I am glad to hear that they have called for an audit of Sunshine of Warren Trumbull Area Inc.

I am somewhat dismayed, however, that Warren Law Director Greg Hicks does not believe that an audit of a government-created corporation taking government funds is legal. This is at best unclear, so why not just ask for an audit by State Auditor David Yost to get his opinion?

I am also disappointed that some on Warren City Council are satisfied with the limited information that Sunshine Director Anthony Iannucci has provided. Sunshine Inc. has been greatly funded by tax money. The fact that this entity under Iannucci’s leadership has allowed back taxes and penalties of $188,000 to accumulate is reason enough to ask for a complete audit.

I have to wonder why some on the council are so reluctant to go the extra mile to find out what has happened at Sunshine. Also, while Mr. Iannucci is the executive director of Sunshine, there is a board. Where are they, and why haven’t they intervened?


After spending an estimated $75,000 to hold hearings to revoke septic installer Berry Meadow’s installer’s license, the Trumbull County Board of Health has quietly issued him a license for 2013.

The board led by Health Commissioner Dr. James Enyeart conducted the hearing in September and November. The hearing officer chosen by the board, Ronald Alexander, issued an opinion in February that Meadows did not commit the alleged violations. He also further stated that the board violated Mr. Meadows’ right to due process by not shutting down the hearing without letting him present his evidence. Even after this, Dr. Enyeart seemed to indicate publicly that he stood by the charges.

It is an outrage that public officials would spend taxpayer money to target a private citizen because that citizen dared to speak out publicly against them. Additionally, this vendetta has done harm to Meadows’ reputation and cost him money to defend himself and in lost business.

The board needs to examine its actions and those of Enyeart in this matter. Perhaps it is time for Dr. Enyeart to go before he decides to continue this vendetta against Mr. Meadows or even to target another private citizen.


A lawsuit has been filed by the adoptive parents of the victim in the Cody and Felicia Beemer rape case against Trumbull County Children Services Board and the three employees who were responsible for overseeing her case. The little girl’s birth parents raped her in the Children Services building in Warren during a supervised visit. Cody and Felicia Beemer were tried and convicted and are now serving prison sentences for the rape which was captured on a cell phone camera which was discovered by Felicia Beemer’s mother.

Although an investigation by BCI found that Cody Beemer, a convicted sex offender, and his wife were left alone with the victim at least one time for 45 minutes when the case plan called for 15-minute checks, the grand jury failed to indict any employees of CSB.

I’m not a fan of lawsuits but I applaud this couple for trying to fight for justice for their daughter as well as for trying to effect some change at CSB. In a previous column, I detailed the failure of CSB to really address its problems. Most notably, Director Tim Shaffner still fails to recognize that the agency did anything wrong in this case. He also has taken no disciplinary action toward some of the employees despite the BCI investigation showing that they were not doing their jobs.

I spoke recently to the adoptive mom in the case. She told me that the lawsuit was filed because no one at CSB would take responsibility. She and her husband want justice for their daughter, but also changes to the agency so that these types of tragedies won’t keep occurring.

Yoder is a West Farmington resident. Email her at