Weathersfield trustees move to buy additional land

WEATHERSFIELD — Township trustees made another move Jan. 9 in their ongoing pursuit of development of a community park with a community center.

Trustees approved buying land with a vacant home at 3726 Main Street for $43,500. The land and vacant home are owned by Michael Mousie and have a total market value of $29,900, according to Trumbull County Auditor records.

The decision to buy the land comes on the heels of the Weathersfield Board of Education earlier this month approving the transfer of a piece of district owned land adjacent to Mousie’s property to the township. Trustees will vote on whether to accept the school district land transfer at their meeting in February.

Trustee Chairman Gil Blair said since the Mousie property abuts the land that is being transferred to the township, it presents an ideal opportunity for additional development or parking.

“This is one step as we begin to redevelop route 46 and I think it will be a nice addition to the park,” Blair said.

The township, which is seeking funds from the 2018 state capital budget for a proposed $500,000 community center, already has made a number of improvements to the land along state Route 46 that once housed Mineral Ridge Middle School, including construction of a gazebo through grant funds.

Township Administrator Dave Rouan said buying the Mousie property in conjunction with the land transfer from the school district poises the township to develop the area into a full Community Park and the hope is the land will eventually house a community center as well as a public library.

Rouan said the township will submit its application for 2018 state capital appropriations by the end of this week and he and others have been in conversation with state officials.

“A lot of work has gone into this and the township feels confident that we may get this project,” Rouan said.

Rouan said the house on the property will likely be demolished in the future.