Board approves Weathersfield land transfer

WEATHERSFIELD — The Weathersfield Board of Education approved Dec. 20 the transfer of a piece of district property to the township.

The township, which is seeking funds from the 2018 state capital budget for a proposed $500,000 community center, already has made a number of improvements to the land along state Route 46 that once housed Mineral Ridge Middle School, including construction of a gazebo through grant funds. The district previously granted the township a small portion of the parcel to accommodate the gazebo and an entrance, but had retained ownership of the rest of the land.

The land was transferred by the Board of Education to the township with several stipulations, including: that the township will share in the cost of a student resource officer for three years starting in 2018; make repairs to the bottom of Cindy Mulgrew Drive at Seaborn Elementary; provide an easement for continued use of a parking lot on the land; collaborate to lower costs for a new water line at the youth baseball facility at Seaborn Elementary; and pay for conveyance costs.

Weathersfield Local Schools Superintendent Damon Dohar said he’s eager to bring a student resource officer into the district. It would cost about $60,000 annually to pay such an officer, Dohar said, and the tentative idea is for the cost to be split between the township and district.

“In any good negotiation, you want both sides to be pleased,” Dohar said. “I think both sides are equally excited to get this done and move forward.”

Township Administrator Dave Rouan said he also feels the terms of the transfer are agreeable.

“Everything they asked for are things we’re happy to do and I think this will be great for the community,” Rouan said.

The township is still working on the capital budget appropriation application, which is due mid-January, Rouan said.