Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Sept. 27 to Oct. 5:


Anthony R. Canterino and Richard J. Ragozine to Samuel Milligan, 313 Prospect, $53,900.

Joseph M. Krizancic to Benny Yarber, 26 Elruth, $87,000.

James McCune to Amy Drennen, 658 Brunstetter Road, $141,000.

Cabrera Ventures LLC, Trumbull Land Management LLC, 114 Market, $9,500.


US Bank National Association to Castlerock 2017 LLC, 242 Ohio, $10,150.


Linda Ruggles and Deborah Moyer to Marissa Gargano and Randy Reed II, 733 Bentley, $87,500.

Bryan T. Williams and Lisa A. Williams to Amber Rae Mowery, 419 Vine Ct., $77,000.

Thomas Mango to Janet Cumberledge, 311 Lincoln, $75,000.

Iram J. Tucholske to U.S. National Bank Association, 215 McDonald, $20,000.

Larry E. and Kay D. Smith to Paul Theodore and Harry Jacobson, 809 Third, $69,000.

Billi Jo Kirkwood to Joseph and Amy Shepherd, 1805 Taft, $160,000.

Cathy Baxter to Kelly Benson, 117 Orchard, $59,900.

Louise OBrad to Janet M. Smith, 4 Butler, $53,000.

Adrian Tomlin to Forrest Mayfield, Lafayette, $39,000.

MB Asset Management COmpany to Dillon Dunbar, 319 Chestnut, $28,000.

Marisa Maddamma Simeone to VIncent Marino, 1620 Difford, $68,000.

James Pantalone Sr. to Barry and Sharon French, 1467 Butterfield, $160,000.

Ethan M. Johnson to Tyler Carter, 804 Frederick, $62,500.


John M. and Terry S. Minor to Robert and Amy Bertuzzi, Austintown Warren, $24,000.

Ryan Altobelli to James and Mary Mays, 2129 Isabelle, $235,000.

Northern Brass Properties LLC to Ruth A. King, 2208 Harmon, $39,000.