Group does mission work in Ky.

NILES — Teens and adults from First Christian Church of Niles spent part of the summer doing mission work in Covington, Ky., an effort that was organized by Group Mission Teams.

Stacy Gaugler, leader of the church’s Christian Youth Fellowship, said six people, including herself, Don Trunick, and teens, Hayden Miller, Rea Gaugler, Alexis Gaugler and Kyra Franklin, spent a week on their mission work. They recently shared their experiences with the church congregation.

Stacy Gaugler said Group Mission Teams organized the mission work with many churches. The 100 participants were placed in different groups to complete various projects.

“This was the first week-long mission trip we have been part of. We have been on one-day mission trips in the past to Hocking Hills. It was a wonderful experience,” Gaugler said.

She said the teens grew from the trip and were able to share their own personal experiences of how it impacted their lives. Plans are already being made for a trip in 2018.

One place the group helped at was local Boys and Girls Clubs.

Trunick, a Marine Corps veteran, said the group led prayer gatherings and worship, and noted the trip meant a lot to him, knowing they helped others. He said they met a group from a church in North Carolina and were able to interact and assist the youth.

Said Stacy Gaugler, “I really enjoyed seeing all that our youth did. Their eyes were opened to another world they had no idea about. They saw how other people struggled so much more. They saw how fortunate they are.”

The group said they saw where they can sleep in their own bed and get a hot shower, things others do not have.

Miller, who marked his first mission trip, said when they were in Kentucky it was hot with no air conditioning, but the trip was worth it.

“It was great to see smiles on the children’s faces,” he said, adding they played games and activities with children.