Property transfers


Wanda J. Pullin to Harry and Linda Leith, Liberty, $85,000.

Dennis and Mary Ann Courtney to Nadeya Dugan, 520 Hazel, $90,000.

Rodney and Audra Deal to Truck World Realty 420 LLC, Hancock, $42,000.

Joseph Datchuk to James and Nicole Highland, 18 Hillside, $128,000.

Michael Kollar to Arnold Lackey and Toni Campana Lackey, 987 Villa Place, $155,000.

James and Jeanette Caruso to VT Larney LTD, 101 Hazel, $172,900.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to VT Larney LTD, 105 Morris, $40,700.

Michelle Hennen to VT Larney LTD, 621 Lawrence, $19,330.


Jacky Meadors to Joanne Frantz Carkido and Vince Carkido, 424 McKinley Boulevard, $55,000.

Pennymac Corp to Vicki L. Wilhelm, 1137 Logan, $61,500.

Debra and Dominic Santangelo to Karen Krolopp, 535 Utah, $111,000.


Anthony Durso to RS and MA Limited Partnership, 203 Churchill, $650,000.

Kristi Boros to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association, 830 Griffin, $26,000.

John R. Shelley Jr. to Karla Neal, 524 High, $56,900.

Robert A. Bowman to Vernon Realty LLC, 127 Williams, $20,000.

Certified Developers and Management LTD to 815 Youngstown Warren Road LLC, 815 Youngstown Warren Road, $2,850,000.

Ronald and Rosemary Kicynski to Michael Monteforte Sr., 977 Park Place, $215,000.

James Trunick to Joleen Cicchinelli, 199 Camrose, $85,900.


Daniel and Linda Sigley to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2225 Fourth St., $26,000.

Gary T. and Patricia Baker to Gerald and Marlee Postlethwait, 3614 Four Mile Run, $124,000.

Daniel and Karlene Penick to R &S Land and Company LTD, 130 Pleasant, $19,000.

Ralph and Jerrilyn Placer to Tina Marie Sumner, 1510 Harding, $81,000.