Cycling team to visit Fairhaven

NILES — Pi Kappa Phi fraternity members will arrive at Fairhaven School on Aug. 5 for their 16th annual visit during the Journey of Hope.

The bicyclists started their journey June 11 in San Francisco.

Each year, three teams ride across the United States to raise awareness and encourage inclusion for individuals with developmental disabilities.

“We are very excited for the team’s arrival on Aug. 5,” said Trumbull County Board of Developmental Disabilities Superintendent Edward Stark.

“Everyone at the TCBDD enjoys their annual visit and the young men on the team are always wonderful guests,” he said.

The Journey of Hope is an offshoot of The Ability Experience, which was founded in 1987.

When the team arrives at Fairhaven, the cyclists will already have been on the road for two months and will have almost another week left on their journey, which will end Aug. 12 in Washington, D.C.

In honor of the Journey of Hope, the Fairhaven Foundation is sponsoring a dance party, which is open to the community.

Cost will be $1 and there will be music, dancing and light refreshments.