Niles to purchase new trucks

NILES — The city will move forward with purchasing new trucks for the tree trimming department.

The trucks approved for purchase at the May 17 city council meeting will be a 75-foot tree-trimming line truck at a cost of $252,000, a tree-trimming dump truck at a cost of $83,000, a stake body Ford F-450 truck at a cost of $41,926.65 and a Ford F-250 pickup truck with a snow package and plow at a cost of $32,554.

The ordinance allowing the purchase was in its first reading before city council, but it was approved as an emergency.

However, the city will not have to put out bids for prices or place an advertisement on the website because the ordinance allows the service director to enter into a contract through the state purchasing program.

By purchasing the trucks through the state, the process is supposed to move very quickly.

“Basically a store submits prices to the state, who approves of the store and gets the city the best price,” Service Director Ed Stredney said.

Although the trucks were approved for purchase for the Light Department, they will be used more specifically for the tree trimming department, which will be replacing its vehicles already in service. The Ford F-250, however, can be used by the city for general labor as well.

The issue of purchasing new trucks was first brought up by Superintendent James Newbrough at the May 8 finance committee meeting, where the committee approved the request before it could be presented to council.

The request initially included two Ford F-250 trucks but was reduced to one that was approved at the May 17 council meeting.

At the midpoint of the year, the finance committee will look at the second half of the year, how the first truck is used and the status of the city’s budget to determine if the second truck should be purchased.