Case not solved one year later

Vigil for murder victim

Brendan Wolford, Austintown, riding Charles Parisi Jr.'s motorcycle, leads a group of people driving and riding bikes to Deerfield Street, near the corner of Surfwood Circle on Thursday. Photos by Christina Ramey / Tribune Chronicle

WARREN — Approximately 40 people gathered for a candlelight vigil on Deerfield Street near the corner of Surfwood Circle Thursday evening to honor a man who was shot and killed there a year ago.

It’s the same spot where Charles Parisi, Jr., 29, of Youngstown, was killed last November.

“We really want Chuckie back and we miss him so much,” said Mason Wolford, 7. “Our family is not very happy to not have him.”

Cyndi Wolford of Austintown, Parisi’s former fiance, organized the vigil in his memory.

“He was just a very caring, protective person,” Wolford said. “He would have done anything for anybody. He literally helped all these guys out at one time with whatever they needed.”

The vigil was held not just for Parisi, but also in honor of all those who have died in Warren, Wolford said.

“All these senseless killings that have happened in Warren,” Wolford said. “This is out of control. We’ve got to figure out a way to stop it and make our neighborhoods safe, make everyone safe.”

Parisi was killed after coming out of a house on Surfwood Drive last November, Wolford said.

“There was some people in the house who were shooting at him, and they shot him,” Wolford said. “It caused him to wreck and fall on the bike and then they ran up to him from what we know and they shot him again. That wound was fatal. He actually died here at the scene before they could take him anywhere.”

His family is still looking for justice, Wolford said.

“It’s been a year,” Wolford said. “There’s no leads in the case. There’s no suspects. There’s pretty much nothing.”

A call to Warren Police detective Nick Carney to get an update on the case was not returned.

“We just hope that somebody speaks up, somebody says something, or somebody comes forward,” Wolford said. “We really want to solve it, not that it will make it any better, but there’s no justice right now.”

Also attending the vigil was Councilwoman Cheryl Saffold, D-6th Ward, who led the group in prayer. She asked that those responsible for the crime would be found and justice would be served.

“He was just funny,” Wolford said. “He was a really good guy, very protective of his family and those he loved. We just miss him a lot. It’s been a hard year without him.”