Hubbard council addresses dog issues

HUBBARD — After being on summer recess last month, city council returned Tuesday to address residents’ concerns about dogs that have bitten people and attacked other dogs.

Shawna Achten of Brookside Drive in Hubbard Township and other residents asked council if there was any way to strengthen current ordinances on dog control and enact heavier penalties for dogs that have bitten and attacked people and other animals.

Achten told officials one of her daschshunds was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull that came on her property in July. The owner of the other dog was cited, which is what police are able to do under the city’s current ordinance.

She said she and other residents have contacted State Rep. Glenn Holmes, D-Girard, to see if any changes can be made to Ohio laws.

There also have been other incidents of residents who have been bitten by dogs this summer that have left their properties in Vienna and Hubbard. Mayor John Darko said the city can’t change its laws until they are changed at the state level first.

Officials said owners can be cited for dogs running loose and off their properties, or not having proper licenses. Dogs also can be labeled as vicious when someone has been seriously injured or killed. Residents also can contact the Trumbull County dog warden for dog-related issues.

In other matters, council:

l Addressed the issue of vehicles being left on lawns and front yards. Darko said vehicles left on yards become “unsightly” and violate city laws. Also vehicles are prohibited from parking on streets between midnight and 6 a.m.;

l Entered into a contract with Butch & McCree Paving Inc., of Hillsville, Pa., to pave Drummond Avenue at a cost of $75,705 with the city contributing $26,000 and the rest covered by an Ohio Public Works grant;

l Approved advertising for bids for the second phase of the wastewater treatment plant that involves grit removal at the building.