Commissioners will not fill administrator position

WARREN — Trumbull County commissioners will not fill the position of county administrator / purchasing director.

“We will however, be restructuring and better utilizing our existing staff. With our human resources Director Richard Jackson as the point person, his staff in the HR department, our staff in the commissioners’ office and our entire board working in concert, we will internally assume the administrative and purchasing duties left by the unfilled position. Through a revamped organizational chart and more responsibility on existing staff, we will realize an immediate savings without any additional personnel,” states a Wednesday document signed by commissioners Dan Polivka, Mauro Cantalamessa and Frank Fuda.

Jackson will not receive additional compensation, Cantalamessa said.

“By restructuring internally and properly delegating administrative and purchasing responsibilities to existing staff, we feel we can accomplish what we originally intended and ultimately that is saving the county money,” Cantalamessa said.

Rebecca Gerson started in April as the county administrator / purchasing director and transit administrator for the Trumbull County Transit Board.

She resigned last month, citing a desire to return to practicing law.

The commissioners previously announced they would not seek to combine the two administrative positions again. Fuda said the positions were too much responsibility for one person.

Jackson is in the process of interviewing candidates for the transit administrator job. In the interim, Mark Hess, the man who served as transit administrator before Gerson, was hired at $50 per hour to contract for the transit board. He was paid $65,000 per year as transit administrator. Gerson was paid $85,000 per year to serve in the dual positions.

Cantalamessa said Gerson’s departure led commissioners to take a closer look at their existing personnel.

“Through this process, we’ve gained more insight into existing personnel in the human resources department as well as our office. That has allowed us to re-evaluate how we are utilizing these departments. Mr. Jackson, along with each of the commissioners, has been an integral part of this process,” Cantalamessa said.