On the record – Kinsman

WHAT: Trustee meeting Monday

PRESENT: Greg Leonhard, Fred Stahl and Linda Miller


• Announced they are cracking down on violators of the recycling bins at the township garage on state Route 87. People have dropped off garbage and non-recyclables. Leonhard said cameras are at the site with plans to get more to enhance coverage of the area. He said people who illegally dump will be prosecuted;

• Approved a $62,250 contract with Martuccio Paving of Hermitage, Pa., for tar and chip work on Goff Court and also Dellin Thomas Road from state Route 5 to Kinsman Pymatuning Road. Top coating work will be done on roads paved last year. They are Church, Yoder, Elm, Garden, Webber West and Webber Cole Road from Route 5 to Kinsman Pymatuning Road;

• Reported they should receive word by the fall from Ohio Department of Natural Resources if the Pymatuning Creek in the township has been designated a “wild scenic river.” Part of the creek travels south of the center square on state Route 7. Leonhard said if approved the creek would be the first in Trumbull County to have the designation;

• Are addressing flooding issues in area by Yoder Street, east of Route 7 and have contacted the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to see if they can help correct the problem;

• Sold a 2002 unmarked police cruiser for $1,000. The vehicle was replaced with a a new $18,243 Ford Fusion;

• Named Mark Posey as part-time zoning inspector at $300 per month and mileage. He replaces Kathy Sielschott, who resigned;

• Approved Shawn Rentz as a full-time police officer.

— Bob Coupland