Men accused of breaking into laundromat

WARREN — One man was ready to throw in the towel and another decided to take a nap Wednesday when police arrived at a laundromat to investigate a report of men breaking into coin machines, according to a police report.

Josh Gracyk, 36, of Center Street, was arraigned Thursday in Warren Municipal Court, where he pleaded not guilty to charges of breaking and entering and possesion of criminal tools. Thomas Kuhn, 39, of Garfield Avenue, Niles, pleaded not guilty to charges of tampering with evidence, breaking and entering, possessing criminal tools and drug paraphernalia possession.

Police were called to the Linsey Lou Coin Laundry, 2863 W. Market St., just before 7 p.m. about two men trying to get into a coin machine, the police report states. When police walked inside, Kuhn came out of a back room mumbling, the report states. Kuhn said he was there doing some work on the building and he gave them a name of someone he claimed was the owner of the building who is not the owner, the report states.

Kuhn couldn’t find identification when asked for it and he fumbled around while looking inside a car that was parked outside with tools inside, the report states. Two more police officers arrived and Kuhn put his hands behind his back and turned away as if he was being placed into handcuffs, the report states. Police found a burnt crack pipe, multiple keys and a lock in Kuhn’s pockets, the report states.

Police found Gracyk inside the laundromat lying underneath a table and inside his pockets were multiple drill bits, screwdrivers, a small flashlight an allen wrench and a little bit of change, the report states. Gracyk told police he was just taking a nap and he asked if he could have a pop because he was thirsty, the report states.

Police found severe damage inside the building, which included a drill bit in the lock of a coin machine, and damage to locks on doors, a dryer and a laundry bag machine.

A cardboard sign on the door of the laundromat says the location is closed for repairs.