Park, cemetery projects get grant

BROOKFIELD — With the township having no levies for the cemetery or park, trustees at a special meeting Thursday agreed to use a $100,000 AEP Civic grant for improvements in both those areas.

Trustee Chairman Ron Haun said the grant will be split with $60,000 to be used for the park and township center projects and $40,000 for improvements at the cemetery.

Projects being discussed for the park are a gate for the front main entrance for more security and additional electric lines and infrastructure. For the center, an electronic message sign is being considered and for the cemetery, new fencing and a columbarium for cremations are planned.

“We do not have any levy monies coming in to the township for the park or cemetery. The grant money can be used for these needed projects,” he said.

Haun said the township applied for the grant from AEP electric aggregation company.

Trustee Gary Lees said trustees looked at permanent improvement and infrastructure projects for the township that would last a long time.

He said trustees wanted to do projects that would be beneficial to the community at the park, center and cemetery where many residents go.

Lees said more and more people are being cremated, so a columbarium would be a benefit. The gate at the park would provide more security there, he said.