On the record – Niles

WHAT: City Council meeting Wednesday

PRESENT: Council members and president pro tem Ryan McNaughton, Linda Marchese, Barry Profato, PJ Kearney, Michael Lastic, Al Cantola and Council President and interim mayor Barry Steffey Jr.

ABSENT: Councilman Steve Mientkiewicz


• Adopted an amended ordinance requiring those with permanent outside structures that wish to sell seasonal items six months to pay an annual fee of $500;

• Adopted an ordinance separating the position of bailiff and probation officer in Niles Municipal Court, creating two positions, at the request of Judge Chris Shaker;

• Heard a first reading to enter into contract with MS Consultants to administer a backflow prevention program;

• Heard a first reading of an ordinance to support the park board’s amendment of park rules that includes allowing alcohol consumption on park property for those organizations that obtain a special event permit through the Ohio Department of Liquor Control;

• Heard a second reading of a resolution to sell obsolete items at internet auction.

— Jon Wysochanski