Man claims to lose ring finger during massage

WARREN — A Pennsylvania man says he went to a local business for a massage and wound up losing part of his finger.

Dennis Kushay, of Sharpsville, filed a lawsuit in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court against Hair Waxing and More, 8224 E. Market St. The suit also lists as defendants an unnamed employee and unnamed person who manufactured the massage table.

Kushay went to the the salon Jan. 27 for a massage. After being told to undress and get on the table on his stomach an employee began to massage his back, the suit states.

During the massage the front of the table began to tilt down and the employee adjusted it to make it parallel to the floor, the suit states. When Kushay flipped over on to his back, the table collapsed to the floor and one and a quarter inches of his left ring finger was amputated when it got caught in a table separation, the suit states.

“The amputation was horrific and the emergency room physicians were unable to reattach his finger,” the suit states. “The portion of Mr. Kushay’s finger bone that remained after the amputation was cut off and the wound was closed.”

Kushay claims the business failed to inspect the table. The employee should have known the table wasn’t safe before putting him on it, the suit states, and Kushay is seeking damages that exceed $25,000.

The business owner didn’t return a call seeking comment Wednesday and an employee who answered the phone said she couldn’t comment. The business offers waxing services, massage therapy, facial treatments and eyebrow enhancements for men and women, the suit states.